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Rensol in beverage and CPG industry

Rensol has just acquired a large and complex financial solution project from Diageo’s ( largest liquor company in the world) Indian company. Rensol is servicing Pernod Ricard, second most profitable liquor company in the world, which used to be known as Seagram in the past, for more than 12 years. Rensol also has been working for CPG majors such as GlaxoSmithlkline, Reckitt Benckiser, Cargill, Perfetti VanMelle and other companies.

Rensol has been developing robust enterprise custom applications of high quality rapidly and at a lower cost of ownership for companies across the globe. Rensol uses Application Security Framework (ASF), reusable components , rapid application development tools and technologies such as Devexpress for developing large and complex applications and products. Rensol uses Agile development methodology which allows users to get involved rather early in project life cycle and ensuring successful delivery. Rensol’s ASF also ensures that all applications created by Rensol are responsive allowing applications to be accessed seamlessly on the fly using mobile phone , tab or PC.

Rensol will be happy to advise its partners and customers to implement methodologies to create high quality responsive applications quickly using ASF , rapid application tool such as DevExpress and patterns such as MVC, MVVM following test driven incremental development agile methodology